The aim of North Farm Cottages is to provide guests with a high-quality, relaxing holiday whilst minimising the impact on the local and global environment. Too often, it feels that holidays must either be ‘green’ or ‘luxurious’ . We aim to show that they can be both.

We don’t ask guests to choose between the two but provide beautiful accommodation which is also true to the sustainable ethos of our business.Please read on to find out about some of the areas in which we try and promote our green ethos.

Heating and water

The cottages’ underfloor heating and water are heated by an air source heat pump.

The pump works by extracting heat from the outside air, similar to the way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. They do consume some energy as they need electricity to run but, as they extract heat from the air rather than generating it from burning fuel, the energy consumption is considerably less. More information on how they work can be found here.

The cottages have also been very well insulated which increases the amount of heat they retain and making them extremely warm and cosy.


We have fitted an electric car charging point at North Farm for the convenience of those guests with either a fully electric or hybrid car.

Whilst many users of the cottages do come in their cars as they are situated in an extremely rural location, if you would like to come by bike and so reduce their carbon footprint, we would encourage you. 

We are around 4 miles from the nearest station at North Walsham. The North Walsham train departs from Norwich and generally has room for bicycles without the need to book in advance.

If you do choose to come by train, we can organise a taxi to collect you from the station.

Groceries can be delivered to the cottages from all the major supermarkets via online ordering. Do let us know if you need more information on this.

Cleaning products

We only use Ecover, Living Clean and Bio D products in our cottages. Do contact us if you have specific requirements in relation to the cleaning products used.

Welcome pack

On arrival, you will receive a welcome pack. The majority of these items will be either produced at North Farm or made in Norfolk.

We would also encourage you to purchase food and drink from the local Norfolk shops and producers; when you arrive at the cottages, a welcome folder provides details of where you can go. You can also find the list of our favourite local producers on our Top Tens page.

David and Gill Harley will also be really happy to recommend particular places and produce.

We also promote recycling and encourage guests to save leftover scraps to North Farm chickens.

This is a brief summary – for more details, please read our Sustainability Policy.